Friday, June 19, 2009

Ear Placement, Destroying Scissors

PossumfooleryPossum to Unintentional Bunny/Mouse!

I've been working on plush animal designs, to help clear out the evidence of my ludicrous fabric-buying addiction. (This possum/bunny is made of corduroy pants that no longer fit, so super-soft). Sometimes, there are mistakes.

Take this possum prototype - I was working from a drawing, not entirely knowing how the pieces would fit together. Subsequently, I made the ears too big, and then placed them too far up on the head and... suddenly Bunny! (Or mouse?)

Whatever it is, it isn't a possum. It does make a cute bun/possum/mouse animal, so yay for that.

AND! I managed to break my favorite pair of scissors this week! I had to go to JoAnns and buy a new pair of Fiskars Softouch Micro-Tip Scissors (according to that link, they're excellent for "scrapboking"). Fortunately, they were 50% off.

I almost got the Titanium Nitride version, but decided that my habit of trying to cut through sewing machine needles (how I ruined the previous pair) wouldn't necessarily be helped by fancy alloys.

The Failbear Indicates This Post is Full of Failures
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