Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New Project - Seven Deadly Sins, Lolita Style

Seven Deadly Sins: Gullia (Gluttony)
Gullia (Gluttony)

With the exception of the ink stamped exterior, and the hand-written title, this is all done in colored pencil. I've been meaning to experiment with colored pencils, and working on multi-piece project seemed like a good idea.

This may not be the final version, and I may want to go over the piece and up the contrast some with ink or paint, but I feel that it's not a bad beginning. Each of the seven will have its own color theme, and lolita style. This one is yellow, with a sweet lolita (though she could have more bows, but I was having trouble fitting them in).

This is sort of for the role-playing game I'm in, as it's part of an in-character task, but I'm by no means required to actually make the art. I just wanted to!

I was inspired partially by the works of Melinda Gebbie (the artist for Alan Moore's Lost Girls), though her art is more painterly (and sensual).


Pattie said...

What a great idea :)
I like the piece so far! Your work with color pencil is great :)

Leah said...

Thanks! I'm just now coming back into working with colored pencils, and I'm realizing the value of a very sharpened point! I'll be posting some of the other seven sins soon!