Monday, June 15, 2009

Etsy Shop Refill: Collages and Supplies

Three Hearts Beat As OneThree Hearts Beat As One

I've been working on some collages and mixed media pieces. While cleaning my studio, I realized I have a lot of paper I've collected over the years, and I should really get on with making stuff out of it.

Wildflower in WonderlandWildflower in Wonderland

I've also been doing a lot of research on book illustration, from illuminated manuscript to The Wizard of Oz - I find it all so fascinating. This piece was inspired by Through the Looking Glass.

So far, I've finished these two new pieces and put them in my shop. Can't hoard forever, right?

Speaking of hoarding, I'm also getting rid of some supplies that have ended up in the shop. There's old ribbon, push molds and Ole Miss / Colonel Reb fabric.

Papier Mache WingsPapier Mache Wings

My favorite are these paper mache wings, which I've used in my previous art-craft week challenges. I just have so many of them, that I think I should get them out there for other people. Especially because they sell papier mache squirrels and dinosaurs, which I think would only be improved by the addition of angellic wings.

Also, I hate spelling papier mache, because it always seems wrong.

Two more things!
Thanks to SMUtopia for adding my Kraken print to her Octopi-themed Friday finds.

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