Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Scrap Exchange Warehouse Fabric Sale Loot

Fabric Sale Fabric: Adorable!

One of the $8 bags of quilting fabric that I got at the Scrap Exchange Warehouse Fabric Sale was more than half full with all these adorable fairy tale prints. They're all in different colors that sort of go together, and they're cut into strips, squares and triangles already, so I'm thinking that their other non-scrap pieces are already a quilt somewhere else. But they are so cute that I'm going to need to make a quilt out of them. Maybe several!

Of course, that will have to wait until I'm actually closer to finished with the other two quilts I'm working on, right?
I promise I will post a picture of something *other than* fabric or quilt blocks in the next couple of days, okay. Deal.
In the meantime, here's some more fabric!
Adorable Fabric Sale Fabric - Not Sure of the Brand/designer
Fabric Sale Fabric: Adorable!

My favorites of these fabrics are:
- The green Alice in Wonderland fabric (which I have in varied hues as well!)
- The scattered puppy and bunny fabrics, where they just look like adorable designs
- Lavender fabric with lily of the valley silhouettes in white (not pictured)
- The yellow with leaping rabbits

I have searched on google image search and etsy trying to find out what the designer/brand/anything for these fabrics are, but I can't discover it. If you have any idea let me know.
Edited: Some of the fabrics are Marcus Brothers, but I haven't found the collection names (I found a selvage with part of the name)

For now, I'm going to wash and iron it all and put it away until I can come back to it. Probably occasionally patting it and staring at it too :).


ashley caminiti said...

Keep the quilting blogs coming - Love these fabrics! :)

naiadkitty said...

I agree that the quilting is pretty to look at! Soon we'll have to have a dress entry, too? When will you start on the polkadot dress? Or are you sneaking off behind the blog to work on it?

Saturnino said...

I’m sure those fabrics are all sold by now, right? They're perfect for quilting, especially since they are colorful, lovely and cheap. I wish I got to this warehouse sale.

Saturnino Walmsley

Albina N muro said...

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