Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hidden Treasure: Zipper Stash!

I keep finding pockets of potential in my studio space. I had ordered all these zippers from etsy a long time ago and forgotten about them, and now that I've found them again, I want to make zippered pouches!
I made one yesterday. I'd been meaning to use that fabric (which is from a dress I bought at a Meredith College costume sale) on something small.
Zippered Pouch with Birds in Tree

I love those little birds in the trees! And all the blue! Expect more zippered pouches in the days to come.
Oh, and here's the zippered pouch tutorial from twelve22 that I used to make this one - in case you get the hankering to make some yourself!

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The BabbyMama said...

I'm envious - especially of the colors! I don't have ANY zippers at the mo, but I have patterns for zippered pouches and a yen to give some a try. Not sure when I'll have the time, tho.