Friday, March 11, 2011

New Blog and Bed Design

Well, I've updated the design so it no longer says "December" from two years ago. I hope that you enjoy the mountains with the Baba Yaga hut climbing over them with all the sort of mint/bluish color. It's a nice refreshing break from all the plain white!

I have some awesome projects to update you with next week. In the meantime, the blog's not the only updated design around here. We also updated our linens for a more spring/summer look.

Fall/Winter Bed:
Fall/Winter Bed

Updated Spring/Summer Bed:
Spring/Summer Bed

I wish I was more into updating my bed like Jek in the Box does - her "Making the Bed" Set on flickr is so cheery and inspiring!
Here's a sample:
ooooh happy!

Have a great weekend!


naiadkitty said...

I love thenew header! It's adorable! And the new linens make the room look so much brighter! Just what you need while waiting for spring!

The BabbyMama said...

Ooh, I want new sheets so badly and this isn't helping!

aldrin james said...

That bed look so good and the best thing about it are the bed sheets. I love the color and the fabric that is used to make the bed look great.

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