Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spoonflower Contest: Squids!

I have been meaning to design and enter the Spoonflower fabric design contests for years now. When I saw that they were doing squids, I just *had* to (and of course forgot until the last minute and had to stay up late finishing it for the deadline last night, for which I blame Daylight Savings time).

Here's my squid design titled "Tentacles in Lavender":
Spoonflower Fabric Contest Squid Design

If I had more time, I might have done something more sketchy or something. As it is, I did the initial design drawing in my sketchbook, and since I don't have my scanner set up, I took a picture of it to get it into Photoshop and agonize over it for hours.

Making it a repeating design in all directions kept making my brain hurt. Nick watched me as I gnashed my teeth, grabbed my hair and kept saying "It's just math! But both ways!!"
In the end, I did it! Yay! Maybe next time I will have the forethought to work ahead more than a few hours.
The next contest is maps, and I really want a map of Narnia on cloth... hmm..

Oh! And they haven't started letting us vote yet! But I'll be sure to let you know if I make the cut and you can vote on my fabric. The winner gets a $100 gift card to Spoonflower, which means I can add to my insane collection of fabric! I need to feed my addiction!


nck said...

Wow. I love your squids. Good job.

Leah Riley said...

Thanks so much! I may have to order at least a fat quarter and make a throw pillow! I'll definitely post a picture if I do!

Marg said...

LOVE these quilts!!! Your art is so cool. :>