Monday, March 28, 2011

OMG More Quilting! Robot Quilt Beginnings

The Beginnings of a Robot Quilt
Beginnings of a Robot Quilt
Perhaps, since it's a robot quilt, it's supposed to be called Beta? Or maybe that's just my first version of it, not just the beginnings of the first row of blocks.

I showed Annie a copy of "Dare to Be Square Quilting" (by far my favorite quilting book thesedays) and asked her which quilt she would like for her new baby son Danger (nickname, don't worry). She picked the "Does Not Compute" quilt which is a seriously good choice. I think maybe she's trying to create a theme in her house of large orange and blue robot designs I've made (she also has this giant orange and blue robot painting of mine - just saying).

ANYWAY! I am working madly on these two quilts. Here's what the Does Not Compute quilt looks like when finished:
Robot Quilt

It's 523 cut fabric pieces sewn into 30 blocks and then, you know, made into a quilt. I'm 2.5 blocks in! I figure he'll get it by the time he's 2 at least, right?

Oh! So in looking for an image of the Does Not Compute robot quilt on flickr I stumbled across a baby quilt sized one ChelseaWa designed and made!
Robot baby quilt top
I'm kind of jealous I didn't come up with this design idea myself! But I'm quite happy making something ridiculously big - it will make me feel super accomplished. And hopefully Danger will like it and it can go on his bed (since it's twin sized).

I found some other cute robot quilts while I was searching too!
Zak the Robot Quilt from bumblev
Zak the Robot Quilt

And this Robot Quilt by someone named Jan
robot quilt from Jan

I'm off to work on prepping quilt fabric, and designing bowties, and making stuff with zippers, and prepping tshirt material for stuffed animals and latch hook rugs and ... I'll see you tomorrow. :)

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