Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thrift Store Finds

I could update almost every week with thrift store finds, as I spend a *lot* of time in thrift stores. The randomness and potential in thrift stores is so exciting for me!

Michelle claims that I have some sort of thrift store luck, but I'm not sure if I do. My thrift store guru has always been my Mom (Hi Mom!). Every time I visit we go to the Mobile, AL thrift store and comb through the racks.

I'm going to try and make my thrift store finds a regular update, as they're fun and weird to post. Here's a couple of my recent finds to get us started:

Princess dress (America's Thrift, Mobile, AL) - $20
Casting a magic spell while in a well!

Velvet Kali/Kalika painting (Goodwill, Cary, NC) - did not purchase!
Kali Velvet Painting at the Thrift store

The skirt and underskirt for this costume (Goodwill, Cary, NC):
Nick & Me at the New Year's Eve Steampunk Masquerade

More to come - this is just the beginning!


MamaD said...

Hi Leah, Yes, we do have the love for the Thrift Stores and Yard Sales. It is like a "Box of Chocolates". That is one shopping experience that you do like and you have a good eye for seeing potential in things.

Leah Riley said...

Thanks Mom! I've gotten a little better at shopping over the years :)

Marg said...

One of my faves from your mom is "It was weird, and I thought you'd like it." I think it's that sensibility, coupled with the willingness to dig through crap to find the good stuff, tinyness, an artist's eye, and a bit of the luck o' the Irish. You're the perfect storm of thrift store excellence!