Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Made in 2010 - Creativity in Review

2010 Year in Review
1. A Plush A Day Challenge! Day 29 - Mr. Molar!,
2. Small Green Quilt: Finished & Hanging Over a Chair,
3. DIY Underpants Sewing: All so far,
4. My Parasol: Octopus,
5. Zippered Throw PIllow Cover,
6. Advent Calendar: Day 13 Closeup,
7. Felt Owl Favors: Reddish Owls,
8. Red Beans & Rice Bracelet for Julie (unworn),
9. Halloweeny Party Decorations: A Thing in a Jar,
10. Lady Gaga Party: Me as Gaga,
11. Ramona's Hammer Prop: Hammer Head Edge,
12. Tiny Jollies Here!
(And I still don't have pictures of the stuff I actually put in Nick's Advent Calendar!)

As you can tell, I veered all over the place last year in terms of what I was doing. Pointillistic cephalopod parasols and handmade underwear. Of course, that is how I do - veeringly. I wonder how this year will shape up.

Does anyone else find themselves veering a lot in the year? I am like a pinball.


planetx said...

I, too, had spent 2010 veering. Something about the year.

Love the parasol.

Amy, Library Maven said...

Wow - Leah, I love your stuff! It's gorgeous. I can't say what I like the best. Keep crafting!

Leah Riley said...

2010, the ultimate pinball year!

Thanks Amy - I don't know if I can ever stop! :)