Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Finds: Evil Queen from a Fairy Tale

I can't resist - this all started with the last item and then just kept building!

First off, you need a strange pet, like this Real Bat in a Victorian Cage by ravenofskys

Then a cool mask, to hide your wicked face, like this beautiful Black Leather Mask from teonova

Well, as long as we're getting dressed, let's add a huge tulle skirt like this Gothic Bridal Skirt from MTcoffinzUnderground

A fancy Feathered Shrug from lovechildboudoir

Let's not forget to add a Gothic Crown from EJPcreations

And, of course, the item that started it all, the Gothic Queen Steel Boned Neck Corset from fanplusfriend

Last, but not least, where would you be as The Evil Queen, if you didn't have a magical item that held sway over the kingdom, or maybe just over our hero's heart. That's why you'll definitely need something in a cage, and I adore this Caged Heart Necklace by edmdesigns as an item of obvious import and full of magical qualities!

Et voila! You too can be an evil queen!

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