Monday, April 18, 2011

TARDIS Dress Costume

My TARDIS Costume Dress - Iteration 1.0
TARDIS Dress - Iteration 1.0

I've been thinking about this costume for awhile, but only really working on it for about a week. I've been wanting to do a cute Dr. Who costume, but I've been stumped about what character to do, but then I realized I should dress as my favorite character: The TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension/s In Space)!

I'm not the first person to have this idea, I mean... we have the internet, and it is full of nerds, and we are all making stuff CONSTANTLY! Here's a quick collage of the inspirational images I found online when searching for "TARDIS dress" or "TARDIS costume":

Inspirational, every one. I particularly love the policewoman dress! The devil is in the details with this kind of stuff, so I decided to hand-sew a choker with "POLICE public call BOX" on it. I think the outfit needs more details, so it's not finished. I'm thinking of working the flyer that hangs on the door into the design somehow, possibly as a brooch. Any suggestions are welcome, and in the meantime, enjoy a pic of my handiwork:
TARDIS Costume - Choker Detail

Up next, more nerdery, I'm sure!


Michael said...

I particularly love how the white panels on the corset mimic the windows of the TARDIS.

Leah Riley said...

Thanks! I tried really hard to make it somehow resemble the TARDIS, though in a very different form.

Steven said...

I love the fact that it resists being too costume-y. If you are in on the joke, you can definitely figure out the TARDIS reference but, if you don't know, it is still a gorgeous dress. Well done.

knittingnurse said...

OMG - I found your blog purely coincidentally via pinterest. LOVE your Tardis dress AND my son and I are Huge Dr. Who fans. We also live in Cary, NC!!!! Small world huh? Would love to hear from you to take "who" and find out about local events?? Thanks and love the dress!