Monday, June 2, 2008

Art-Craft Challenge: Week 1 Materials

As I was cleaning out my studio, I realized I am a serious horder of goodies. I have things that I have saved upwards of 12 years because "I'm sure one day I'll need it in a project". Well, dangit, carpe diem! I'll make today that day!

Each week, I'll select 2-3 items I've had 5+ years and use them in a project. And I'm going to document it online in order to trick myself into thinking that the nameless internet hordes care, and I must appease them. Without further ado, Art/Craft Challenge Week One!

Art/Craft Challenge Materials: Week One
Materials (Age*)
Blue Handprinted paper (8 years):
I bought a ton of paper while I was in Italy, and this is one of the several sheets that I hand-carried all the way back in a tube.

Blue Frame (10 years):
I bought this at the huge thrift store in Ocean Springs, MS that I used to frequent. Man, I miss the thrift stores down in the Deep South (tm) - they're the size of a SuperTarget/Wal-Mart/BJ's, and all the good stuff isn't entirely picked over.

* "Age" refers to how long I've had it, and is not necessarily a reflection of the actual time in existence.

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