Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Art-Craft Challenge: Week 3 Materials

Each week, I'll select 2-3 items I've had 5+ years and use them in a project. And I'm going to document it online in order to trick myself into thinking that the nameless internet hordes care, and I must appease them.

Art-Craft Challenge - Week Three: Material WingsPapier Mache Wings (had 12 years) Seriously, TWELVE YEARS
I bought these in Philadelphia back in High School while visiting my first internet-friend. I think they were $0.15/pair. One of the larger wings is busted, and also I have an odd number of small wings - that's great!

How many weird winged things can I make with these? And will I use them as an excuse to finally buy this papier mache squirrel? Find out next week!

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