Thursday, June 26, 2008

Costumed Sketch Night: Fairy Theme

Costumed Sketch Night: Fairy ModelOur model, Brittany

Last night was a really fun Costumed Sketch Night - and crowded! We had the most people turn out that we've ever had (which is good, but means I need to do a better job of spreading out the chairs).

We only had one model, Brittany, but her fairy costume was so elaborate, I don't think we'd have time to draw anything else. My friend Ruth (former co-worker at Camelot Treasures) knows Brittany and worked with her at the Renn Faire. She emailed me a picture of her in her fairy costume and was like "YOU NEED TO DRAW THIS" - and so I did.

Two Minute Sketch: With Bow & ArrowTwo Minute Sketch with Bow & Arrow

The theme was Fairies, but since we only had one fairy, we had a lot of props (and she had a lot). Again, her costume was amazing - she had a pan flute, and a bow and arrow - all kinds of cool stuff to play with!

I did a lot of drawings, but I am thinking of trying to simplify my style some for the next one... or at least doing some underlaying scribblyness in light pencil and then overlaying it with ink. Oh wait! You guys don't care! You can see all the pictures and sketches from Sketch Night here

Next Costumed Sketch Night has no theme currently, so if you have suggestions, let me know!
July 30, 7 - 9 pm

Theme suggestions so far for next month's Costumed Sketch Night: adventurers/safari, kaiju battle, traditional Japanese clothes, villains, vampires, Trekkies, zombies, togas/Greek

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