Monday, June 9, 2008

Art-Craft Challenge: Week 1 Final

Art-Craft Challenge - Week One: FinalThere's a Girl in the Garden

Here's the final piece I created using the materials. I liked the phrase "There's a girl in the garden" so I went with that as a theme (it's from "Shawn of the Dead", but this isn't a zombie).

I had to work around covering up too much of the background paper, because I like it too much. Once I had the girl in the corner, I realized that she needed to be looking at something, so I made her some bird friends, who she is helping reunite.

Art-Craft Challenge - Week One: TransfersI checked out this great book from the library about collage art that mentioned the technique of transferring inkjet images (The Art of Personal Imagery by Corey Moortgat).

The left two images are using the transfer technique (which is just essentially printing out the image, spraying it with water, and then pressing it to rag paper). They both have some highlighting done with watercolor pencils. (The robot is just drawn with watercolor pencils and watercolors).

Art-Craft Challenge - Week One: Comparison Placement: At some point during the process, I started thinking of the phrase "There's a girl in the garden" (which is a line from "Shawn of the Dead").

I didn't really want to make it a zombie girl, so I just went with the phrase and did some different interpretations. Here are four versions of the piece that I did by creating different images and layering them. Almost all of them are inkjet image transfers, except for the bottom left, which is colored pencils and watercolor.

I ended up going with the bottom left one, since the others all blocked a lot of the cool background.

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