Friday, July 22, 2011

Etsy Shop Update - Steampunk Pins & Red Beans & Rice

I've been working on new stuff for my Etsy Shop. Don't worry, there's more Game of Thrones and Discworld jewelry coming up, but for now, I'm adding some steampunk pins that I'd been building for awhile.

Aeon Steampunk Pin / Pendant - Clock with Eternal Time - Clock Gears
Aeon Steampunk Pin / Pendant - Clock with Eternal Time - Clock Gears
The secret with this design is that I used purse grommets from Joanns for the cool round window.

This Too Shall Pass - Steampunk Hourglass Pin / Pendant
This Too Shall Pass Steampunk Pin / Pendant
I've found this phrase to be very useful as a reminder that everything changes. For the better and for the worse, just try not to be too mired down in what's going on right now. Also, I'm into hourglasses!

Red Beans & Rice Necklace with St. Lawrence pendant
Red Beans and Rice Necklace feat. St. Lawrence
Now that I type it like that, it makes it sound like an awesome rap song out of New Orleans. All you DJ's and spinnas, this is Saint Lawrence! Saint of chefs and librarians! He's about to blow your minds!

Also, last, but definitely not least, here's Nick modeling the Timelord design shirt:
Dr. Who Dress Shirt - Modeled by Nick
He's decided to reclaim the shirt for sure - which I think of as a success in experimentation! I'm going to have to try some interesting techniques out on other shirts.

Speaking of food jewelry (which I was a paragraph or two ago) - there were these ceramic life-sized peanut beads at the bead store in Panama City and I didn't get them. I can't decide if I regret this or not yet.

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blueharp said...

bead store in panama city? oh i wish i could have gone this year!!! but i did find one bead store in san diego at least.