Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dr. Who Dress Shirt

Dr. Who Dress Shirt
There were shirts Nick was getting rid of and I kept them in order to experiment on them. I did a combination of different modifications on this one:
- Bleach pen for the white circle
- Wintergreen transfer for the initial Timelord design
- Fabric pen for the larger Timelord design

Dr. Who Dress Shirt - Close Up
I meant to get Nick to model this shirt before he went to work this morning, but I forgot. I might start doing stuff like this to dress shirts and selling them. I think that Nick might be reclaiming this one though :).

Does anyone have a request? I'm thinking of doing some more Dr. Who Timelord designs as well as some Valar Morghulis/Game of Thrones dress shirts (there really aren't that many cool dress shirts that are also geeky, what the heck?)


Beckett said...

OOh! Can I commission a Game of Thrones shirt from you?


Xodin said...

I've been contemplating embroidering, or something, designs on dress shirts where a tentacle is creeping out from behind a lapel or collar.

Leah Riley said...

Ellen - Of course you can! What size and what do you want it to say?

Xodin - Ha! I'm already working on one with tentacles too! Everybody loves tentacles.

Beckett said...

Leah, I will have to sneak a peek in the boy's closet on sizing - I'll let you know. We are definitely Team Stark.


knittingnurse said...

Can I commission a shirt just like this one for my son? What would the cost be? (jdammons AT yahoo DOT com)