Monday, May 18, 2009

Studios & Organization

Studio Table

My Studio Table (April, 2006)

I am working on cleaning and organizing my studio. The main problem I run into is that I have several different areas of concentration, all of which have materials that don't store together very easily...

Ok, I'm lying. The main problem I run into is the fact that I have boxes full of stuff, like fruit-shaped beads I've had since I was 8 that I'm not willing to part with.

My plan this week (in the midst of finishing up some costumes for this weekend's convention) is to try and be as ruthless as possible and actually get rid of some of the stuff I've been hoarding for so long.

I'm a little sad, because if I'd been hoarding yarn, I'd have tons of local pals that I could pass it off to. As it is, I have tons of random stuff. I think I may have to start up the weekly art-craft challenges again, because this is getting ridiculous!

Next week, I'll post a picture tour of my current (cleaned and organized hopefully) studio!
If you can't wait till then to look at studios, then you can browse around in the Etsy Open Studio group on flickr (I would suggest starting here at buenostyle or here at jenny b allsorts, if you like drooling).

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