Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Roving and Needle-Felting

Mr. MallowMr. Mallow, dressed to impress (this was supposed to end up being a penguin)

I have accumulated a great deal of wool roving. At first, I bought some of it (to make those infamous bacon bracelets), but then my friend Annie had bought some and decided that she had plenty of hobbies and gave me more. It's beautiful stuff, ranging through a rainbow of colors... but what to do with it?

Well, I could just make more of the 2-dimensional style items, like the bacon bracelets and the birds I like to make, but I decided I would try my hand at the 3-dimensional needle felting. I've watched a few videos online, but I still think I haven't quite got a handle on it. My ice cream cone turned into a pear, and this Mr. Mallow here was going to be a penguin, but he persisted in lacking the appropriately rounded shape!

I may have to resign myself to just letting the process dictate what the roving becomes, but it's hard to get started. Does anyone have any recommendations for 3-d needle felting? Or should I just stick with the 2-d stuff?

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