Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Animazement 2009: Friday

Animazement 2009: Black Butler Group
Our Black Butler (Kuroshitsugi) Group from Animazement 2009: (L-R) Ciel Phantomhive (Michelle), Ciel Phantomhive (me, Leah), Sebastian (Will), Meirin/Mayleen (Katie), and Bard (Michael)

Since I have so many costumes... I mean details about the convention, I was thinking of doing a post for each day to keep it easier. Friday was a good day at Animazement.

Animazement 2009: Sebastian is popular (Black Butler)Ladies Love Sebastian
It turns out that Black Butler is one of those animes / mangas that is still coming into the U.S. (not officially translated and distributed yet) which apparently means the fans are MORE rabid and excited.

This works out in a good way, because you can usually tell who's going to want your picture, as they start pogoing around the 25 yard radius (p.s. pogoing means jumping up and down).

Animazement 2009: Vampire Knight: Aido & ZeroAlison & Nick as Aido & Zero from Vampire Knight
The "Travel to Japan" panel was very informational and good, and we went to the AMV's (meh - I thought it would be a showing of just random good AMV's from everywhere on the internet, and instead it was just videos from contestant who had entered the Animazement AMV contest). We checked out the NOIZ concert (they were excitingly costumed, and their songs were good, but it was incredibly warm, and the acoustics were funky, so that it was easier to hear the songs outside of the ballroom).

Then, a small break and we returned for the dance later that night. Conga lines kept happening, which makes sense, I guess, with the teenage demographic. I feel that I was probably one of the older people in the room, and it was more like a rave than a dance (which is fine with me). It was endearing to watch all kinds of geeky kids dance, probably for the first time in public. I believe Nick and Will developed a game that involved trying to stop the conga line so that they all fell into each other like dominos. It was a late night, and I was exhausted by the time we got home. Saturday seemed so short in comparison!

Also, there are tons more pictures on my flickr and I started a flickr Animazement group too.

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