Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Doctor Who Week: Let's Make a Tardis

Build a TARDIS - Measurements & Supply ListClick on image to view larger

I've built and painted a lot of props in my time. One summer I spent painting backdrops for a photography studio, including a room-sized oceanfront. But I must say, that my dressing room TARDIS is one of my favorites!

In case you're interested in building your own, here's the measurements and supply list! Be aware, of course, that this is just one side of the TARDIS, and that I in *no way* guarantee time travel or the arrival of Doctor Who. I didn't even bother to do the top part.

If you'd like to see the process of putting together the TARDIS, start here.
My favorite part of prop-making is the aging process (which shouldn't surprise anyone that's seen some of my steampunk stuff). Essentially, just get some dark brown and black paint, and use a very wet sea sponge to lightly dab them on the TARDIS. You can also give the object some extra fake-dimensions with this.

Here are the things that I discovered when building my own TARDIS which may be of help to you:
- The "Police Box" font is Futura
- If you, like me, can't find a life-size version of the flyer on the front you can download my version of the TARDIS flyer and print it out
- Making a small TARDIS means you should check this DadCanDo's post - it has all the stuff you need
- Off-white paint will look better than bright white

If instructions on the internet were all you were waiting for, then you are set!

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