Friday, August 27, 2010

Hello! Throw Pillow!

I am returning to the internet for real this time! Okay, and by that, I mean that I'm going to update this blog nearly thrice weekly once again! There's been some personal drama over the last year or so, and now I'm just making things for fun and doing things that I want and seeing how it turns out.

I like trying lots of new things, and I can't wait to sew more stuff, and work on some apparel and jewelry. If I think it's fun or cool, I'm probably going to try it. Ooo, also, using cut paper - I have so much paper and material, it's sickening!

First up, I've been meaning to make this pillow every since I bought this fabric* at IKEA last year!

Zippered Throw PIllow Cover

What says "classy" better than a squirrel holding a cheese slicer?
A squirrel holding a cheese slicer standing on a birdcage! That's what!

I know, you are jealous, but seriously, it was pretty easy to make. I followed this tutorial and everything came out pretty well.
Zippered Throw Pillow Tutorial at Design*Sponge.

Here's the problems I ran into while sewing:
- Rat nests: My machine needs cleaning, so there was some ratnests on the back (you can't see them, so yay!)
- Thread Tension: It was hard for me to figure out the correct tension for this fabric, because it's thick, almost canvas-like fabric. Eventually I think I got it, but it took awhile. Hopefully it won't fall apart.

Well, it's good to be back to crafting! Hopefully I'll be doing new and interesting, or at least interesting things in the near future!
* This is the Lotta Kuhlhorn 2008 IKEA fabric


Christa Terry said...

Love it!!!

Leah Riley said...

Thanks! I love IKEA fabric - I keep buying so much of it! I have moratorium on fabric purchase for awhile now :).