Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Finds: Possums! Possums are cute.

Sometimes there are things that you want to be IN so hard, but can't really explain why. For me, that is possums. I'm not into them the way I was apparently into cats when I was younger (so no, I'm not interested in a possum bedspread, possum pillows, possum paintings and/or storage boxes).

I just appreciate when they pop up places, because I think they're under-appreciated for their cuteness possibilities.
I mean, look at this:

First we have an adorable Possum Family Print from acageybee on etsy:

Then! A scarf called the Persy the Opossum Scarf from SillyHill:

And yet another adorable mini print Berry Nice Poss from possandwom:

And in fashion, here is some new jewelry I got from H&M featuring possums:
Possum Ring (from H&M)
Possum Earrings (from H&M)
(some people think they resemble foxes, but they're totally possums)

And I'm not just relying on strangers to help turn around the possum's cuteness status - Here's my little stuffed "Possumfoolery", my contribution to the battle of possum cuteness.

Hopefully, I've touched all you non-believers and you realize the adorable potential of the humble possum.


Marie Berry said...
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Anonymous said...

Okay, I can totally get behind possum motifs in fashion, but having personally interacted with real ones, I remain an opossum skeptic.

Leah Riley said...

I feel that cuteness factors sort of ignore a little bit of the actual human-to-animal interaction. Owls aren't really that fun to interact with, but they sure are popular as cute motifs.

All I'm sayin is "why not the possum?"

Billie Jean Gobblecock said...

Where can I find that possum ring? I love it!