Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Holiday Shopping - Buy Handmade

I've been working hard over the last couple of days to fill my Etsy shop with stuff for the holidays. If you know anyone who's interested in Krakens, octopus, kaiju, astronauts, mechanical hearts, and robots, then I sure have a place for them.

I'm going to adding more stuff once I get back from Thanksgiving, but I wanted people who knew me to get a jumpstart on the items before they get listed, just in case there was something specific that you wanted.

Custom Felt Robots
I've found that lots of people love the little felt robots, but usually want one in a different color or some other slight alteration. SO, for a minimal fee ($10) I'm making custom felt robots at the usual size of 2"x3"

Choose the color, expression, and what's on it's tummy! I can also put string on them (for ornaments) or leave them unstuffed (for finger puppets).

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